Tulsa's Resident Tattoo Jedi Master

With experience spanning nearly a decade in tattoo artistry throughout the galaxy, Cale Turpen has proven to be one of the most impressive and dynamic tattoo artists in Tulsa. With numerous notable tattoo awards to his name, Cale has earned immense respect amongst the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire elites and tattoo enthusiast alike, not to mention a large Tulsa area tattoo following. His notoriety in tattoo work has also placed him among Tulsa's artists sponsored by Borg Tattoo Machines. Cale is also a proud member of the Ink Fusion Empire team.

Cale specializes in custom artwork, portrait tattoos, black & gray tattoos, geeky, realistic, pop culture related tattoos, bright colors and cover-ups.

If you would like to book an appointment to get tattooed in Tulsa, you can check out the contact page or come into Geek Ink Tattoo.

If you’re not near Tulsa, and want to book an appointment for Cale at a convention, you can head over to the contact page and make your deposit through Paypal.


Cale tattooing 2